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Membership Information for 2021

A Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio affiliate is any pro-­‐life unincorporated or incorporated
non-­‐profit organization approved for affiliation by the RTLACO Board of Directors. A membership fee of $100 for organizations with a mailing list of 150-650 and $200 for organizations with a mailing list of greater than 650.  Membership fees are annual.  Auxiliary group members’ fee is $50 for those organizations with a mailing list less than 150. 



Affiliates must:

  • Be in fundamental agreement with the RTLACO policy statement

  • Submit an RTLACO affiliation form and appropriate fee

  • Comply with laws of the state of OhioAssign one Director from each Member Organization with a mailing list of 150, and one additional Director for each additional 500 names. The maximum number of Directors from any Member Organization is limited to 10.

  • Each Auxiliary Member Organization shall be entitled to one Director without voting privileges.


  • RTLACO affiliation is not an exclusive membership. Affiliates may be affiliated with other pro-­‐life organizations.

  • RTLACO will regularly communicate to affiliates information regarding progress on legislative strategies and projects, as well as other news of interest.

  • RTLACO will assist affiliates with organizational needs, such as establishing a board, sample bylaws, insurance coverage for events, requests for issues information, legal information, web sites, candidate surveys and ballot cards, and more.

  • Affiliates may use the RTLACO affiliate logo on print and online media as desired, in addition to, or instead of, their own organizational logo.


The RTLACO Board of Directors reserves the right to remove from affiliation any organization that may distance itself from RTLACO goals and objectives, malign board members or other affiliates, seek to undermine RTLACO legislative strategies and projects, or engage in unlawful, uncharitable, or unscrupulous activities.



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