August 10, 2021

Contact: Linda J. Theis, President




The Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio is pleased to endorse


Josh Mandel


for United States Senator in the 2022 Ohio Senatorial race.



Jeannine Jones, RTLACO Endorsement Committee Chair, cited the following reasons for selecting Josh as the favored candidate: 


“Josh Mandel has taken a strong pro-life stance on all of the issues which are most important to our coalition, our affiliates in the State of Ohio, and all pro-life citizens of the State. The key criteria for us in making an endorsement are that a candidate strongly support the following stances:


  • They are 100% pro-life with NO EXCEPTIONS for rape or incest;

  • They believe that human life is a continuum that begins at fertilization and ends at natural death;

  • They oppose legislation legalizing Physician/Doctor assisted suicide in Ohio;

  • They believe that marriage is ordained by God as only being between one man and one woman;

  • They will NOT support any governmental promotion of vaccines that contain or use fetal cells in their manufacturing or testing.” 


“Josh Mandel meets all of the above criteria.” Jones continued.


 “Additionally, he has a strong pro-life record in Ohio. At a time when the Heartbeat Bill was first being debated, Josh was the ONLY statewide official to not only support the Heartbeat Bill, but to champion it. " adds RTLACO President Linda Theis.


Josh Mandel is a true Champion for Life! Please join us to stand in support of Josh Mandel for the 2022 United States Senatorial election in Ohio!