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Board of Directors and Committee Chairs
(April 2022-March 2023)

Executive Committee 

Margie Christie, President
Gary Taphorn, President Elect
Pastor Walter S. Moss- Vice President
Jacqui Fetsko, Treasurer
Gretchen Schellenger, Secretary
Linda Theis, Past President

Board of Directors 

Executive Committee members, plus the following individuals:

Vacant, District 1 VP

Piroska Papp, District 2 VP

Ed Sitter, District 2 VP

Kate A. Makra, Esq., District 3 VP

Judy Harness, District 4 VP

Ron Dallman, District 5 VP

Laura Strietmann,  District 5 VP

Jeannine Jones, Candidate Endorsement Committee Chair
Rob Tuttle, Legislative Committee Chair

At-Large Board Members

Laura Rosenberg, At-Large Member
Liz Kent, Director of Communications
Cecilia “CeCe” Gettys, At-Large Member

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Baby's Grasp
Woman getting ultrasound
Mother's Kiss
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