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RTLACO Endorsement Criteria

  • Candidates for office can earn an RTLACO endorsement by the satisfactory completion of our on-line survey. For those who already hold public office and/or who have taken public positions on life issues, we also take that information into account. We offer a separate survey for judicial positions, given their unique criteria.

  • Candidates must be in fundamental agreement with the positions stated in our RTLACO Policy Document [CLICK HERE] to earn our endorsement.

  • We are working now to update the online survey used in the 2022 elections.

  • We realize that many candidates may not be intimately familiar with all life issues. We are always ready to discuss our endorsement procedures and explain our stance on life issues with potential candidates.

Endorsement Criteria

Click on the icon above to see a recap of RTLACO endorsements in the 2022 election.

2023-2024 Elections 


2023 Election Cycle


  • Ohio elections in 2023 are at the local/municipal level. For an official Ohio calendar of events and deadlines on the 2023 election cycle, visit 

  • Once the filing deadline for candidates is reached, RTLACO will consider endorsing candidates for office. Candidates seeking our endorsement may contact us via the link on our home page.

  • Primary election day in 2023 is Tuesday, May 2 and general election day is Tuesday, November 7.


2024 Election Cycle


2023-24 elections
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