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Since January 22, 1973 a lot has changed scientifically, politically and culturally in the pro-life movement. It is time that we embrace a governance model and a strategy for victory designed for the 21st Century.

In recent years it has become increasingly clear that the pro-life community in Ohio needs a firm un-compromising voice to champion the Right to Life movement.

This is a new day and the realties are such that we need to take the initiative to push the envelope and raise our expectations on what’s possible.

Imagine an America where, like slavery which is forever banned, we will see the abolition of abortion in our lifetime.

Imagine an America where once again, the inalienable right to life extends to all, born and unborn.

Founded in 2017, we are an organization of pro-life groups in Ohio that stand united to advance a pro-life strategy in our state and beyond, with protections for all and exceptions for none.
Want to know where we stand on the issues?  
Click here for our Policy Document.
Click here for our ethical vaccine policy
Click here for our Statement of Faith.

The RTLACO’s Three Core Principles

1. We are dedicated to building an authentic grassroots organization. Our coalition will foster and encourage direct member input and representation at every stage.


2.  We believe that a statewide organization should work to empower its local Pro-life member organizations to maximize their impact in the communities they serve and to assist them in developing the next generation of Pro-life leaders.


3.  We are convinced that a statewide association should reflect the consensus views of its member organizations.

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